Guide Dont Relapse!: Building A Healthy Life After Cancer Remission

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But the benefits of regular activity make it well worth the effort to fit it in, even for those in the middle of treatment. Regular exercise may lower the risk of recurrence and help cut the risk of other chronic diseases. Try to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity like brisk walking every day.

2. Avoid Secondhand Smoke

After completing cancer treatment, many people decide to eat better in the hope that these changes will improve their chance for survival. The American Cancer Society recommends that cancer survivors in stable health after treatment follow the same nutrition guidelines as those recommended for cancer prevention. Prostate cancer recurrence risk might be higher in men who eat a lot of saturated fats.

Check with your cancer care team before starting an exercise program. Several types of cancer are linked to alcohol intake, so if you drink, limit your intake to 1 drink a day for women and 2 for men. The more you drink, the higher your cancer risk. Sometimes people think taking certain vitamins, herbs, or other dietary supplements will give them an extra edge in preventing recurrence. Available research does not support this belief. In fact, some research has shown that supplements containing high levels of single nutrients greater than the Dietary Reference Intakes may have unexpected harmful effects on cancer survivors.

Blood tests can show if your levels of certain vitamins are low. Based on these tests, your doctor might recommend supplements to raise levels of certain vitamins, but the evidence so far does not show that high vitamin levels help lower cancer risk. A few studies have looked at the effect of physical activity on survival of people with cancer. Still, research has not yet shown whether physical activity can help prevent cancer recurrence or slow the progression of disease.

But studies have shown that regular physical activity can reduce anxiety and depression, improve mood, boost self-esteem, and reduce symptoms of fatigue, nausea, pain, and diarrhea. These benefits can be gained through moderate physical activity on most, if not all days of the week. Moderate activities are those that make you breathe as hard as you would during a brisk walk. The American Cancer Society recommends cancer survivors:. A little bit of physical movement is far better than none. It helps if you start slowly and build up over time.

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Cancer Treatment: Chemotherapy

Happy reading Dont Relapse! This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Avoid Secondhand Smoke Chemotherapy nausea and vomiting: Prevention is best defense Chemotherapy side effects: A cause of heart disease? It not only boosts health but also improves mood and helps counter cancer-related fatigue.

You can also get useful ideas from others that might help you. There are many kinds of support programs, including individual or group counseling and support groups.

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Support in any form allows you to express your feelings and develop coping skills. Studies have found that people who take part in support groups have an improved quality of life, including better sleep and appetite. Contact your American Cancer Society to find out about available sources of support where you live. Some groups are formal and focus on learning about cancer or dealing with feelings. Others are informal and social.

Cancer survivors: Care for your body after treatment - Mayo Clinic

Some groups are made up of only people with cancer or only caregivers, while some include spouses, family members, or friends. Other groups focus on certain types of cancer or stages of disease. The length of time groups meet can range from a set number of weeks to an ongoing program. Some programs have closed membership and others are open to new, drop-in members. Ask the group leader or facilitator what types of patients are in the group and if anyone in the group is dealing with survival after cancer.

Online support groups may be another option for support. The Cancer Survivors Network, an online support community supported by your American Cancer Society is just one example. Some people feel better having a person-to-person connection with a counselor who can give one-on-one attention and encouragement. Your cancer care team may be able to recommend a counselor who works with cancer survivors. Religion can be a great source of strength for some people.

Some find new faith during a cancer experience. Others find that cancer informs their existing faith or their faith provides newfound strength.

Still others find themselves questioning their faith. If you are a religious person, a minister, rabbi, other leader of your faith, or a trained pastoral counselor can help you identify your spiritual needs and find spiritual support. Some members of the clergy are specially trained to help minister to people with cancer and their families. Spiritual practices can help foster connection to others, to the present moment, and to the sacred or significant.

Meditation, practicing gratitude, helping others, and spending time in nature are just a few of the many ways that people address spiritual needs.

e-book Dont Relapse!: Building A Healthy Life After Cancer Remission

Keep in mind that you are a cancer survivor and remember the good news: You are one of millions of Americans alive today who has had cancer, and the survival rate is improving all the time. Like most of them, you and the people around you can adjust to and lead a fulfilling life after cancer. We have a lot more information that you might find helpful. Explore www. The American Cancer Society medical and editorial content team. For reprint requests, please see our Content Usage Policy.

Life After Cancer When cancer treatment ends, people begin a new chapter in their lives, one that can bring hope and happiness, but also worries and fear. Staying positive In recent years, much attention has been paid to the importance of having a positive attitude. You may be wondering… Will it come back?

What are the chances it will come back? How will I know if it has come back? What will I do if it comes back?

8 Ways to Stay Healthy After Cancer

When will it come back? Learn what you can do for your health now and about the services available to you. This can give you a greater sense of control. It helps to accept this rather than fight it. Practice letting them go. Some people picture them floating away, or being vaporized. Others turn them over to a higher power to handle. However you do it, letting them go can free you from wasting time and energy on needless worry.

Express your feelings of fear or uncertainty with a trusted friend or counselor. Being open and dealing with emotions helps many people feel less worried. Thinking and talking about your feelings can be hard. But if you find cancer is taking over your life, it often helps to find a way to express your feelings. Take in the present moment rather than thinking of an uncertain future or a difficult past.