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Harold, the Owl Who Couldn't Sleep

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Ludwick pointed out that he could help me with both.

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At the age of fifty eight, I decided that it would be worth the effort to have repairs done on my nose as I approached my retirement years. The first procedure involved the planning of the skin on my nose to remove the phyma. This was done through a day surgery with weekly follow ups until the skin rebuilt itself.

This was a very successful procedure for me. To my surprise I started getting complements on a physical feature I had accepted as being part of an ugly aging process. Next came the rebuilding of my nasal structure. Ludwick had pointed out that my nose structure was bad.

Something I had recognized as practically nonexistent for years. Ludwick again performed a day surgery and has told me since that the structure was completely destroyed and how challenging this restructuring was for him. I agree that this was a major undertaking, but I am glad it was done. My nose has a structure that I do not remember in my life time as having. The final procedure that Dr. Ludwick performed on me was Coblation Turbinate Reduction. Although I had my nose structure rebuilt, I still had problems with breathing due to alergins and suffered through stuffy noses which would lead to colds.

This procedure reduced the size of my nasal tissue, allowing me a better opportunity to breath freely with less irritation. All throughout these procedures and office visits, I have been impressed with Dr. It has been my experience that the medical field offers very few opportunities for a client to actually connect with a doctor.

Ludwick, although could be classified as a no nonsense doctor, certainly shows some latitude when comparing a medical procedure to repairing a car.

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His confidence has built my trust in him and his honest appraisals are often right on the mark. Overall I rank Dr. Ludwick, his staff and his facilities very high when I compare them to other medical service providers I have encountered. Rarely have I received medical attention that has impacted my life in such away as I have received in the past year under Dr. My first visit to Dr.

Ludwick was in January Because I also have asthma and allergies I also visited the clinic next door to Dr. I was wrong. After months of continued sinus infections and a visit to my primary care physician, I was referred back to Dr. At that time I had an added symptom of not being able to sleep through the night. Ludwig had me undergo a sleep study and ordered a CT scan on my sinuses. It was determined that I did have mild sleep apnea and that I would benefit from sinus surgery. I had my sinus surgery in June Since undergoing the sinus surgery, my breathing has significantly improved.

I no longer have to sit with my mouth open in order to breathe. I had not realized until after the surgery that my sinus issues had impacted my hearing. My improved hearing was an added bonus I had not anticipated. Recovery after the surgery was relatively painless. I was up and functioning as normal after one week. The staff at Dr. I always feel cared for and am confident that my needs will always be taken care of. I never once felt anxiety about the surgery because I knew I was in good hands with Dr.

Ludwick and his staff. I would refer my family and friends to Dr. Ludwick without any hesitation. One visit with Dr Ludwick and you will agree with me. Now I drink a max of 3 cups a day and I feel like a new person. In the past I have had my pallet trimmed incorrectly by another physician and it made my sleep apnea worse.

Ludwick corrected the procedure as well as performing a base of tongue and hyoid suspension. Since then I am able to sleep on my side with no obstruction. I do use a bipap because I often cannot stay on my side and end up sleeping on my back where I still get some slight obstruction due to being born with a small airway.

Before my surgeries and the use of my bipap I would have over episodes if interrupted sleep where I would wake subconsciously to breathe. I feel like a new person. I wake up now and hit the ground running where before I was like a big slug dreading the sound of the alarm clock. The sleep study facility is very relaxing and the technicians are very friendly and accommodating. Ludwick explained my sleep study results to me in a way that made it easy to understand. He actually showed me the video of my sleep study session and explained to me what I was going through and why.

I never knew that I kicked my legs and was so restless at night. My wife is very happy now since my restlessness used to wake her often. He is a very caring physician and he has changed my life. His entire staff is great. From scheduling appointments, checking insurance benefits, and billing the entire staff is excellent and very friendly.

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In addition to helping my sleep apnea Dr. Ludwick has helped me tremendously with my Houston allergies. I move here from Georgia in and Dr. Ludwick is the first doctor to give me relief from my allergies and for the first time in my life I look forward to Spring and Fall.