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Collectively, the result is romantic, voyeuristic, and deeply moving.

Bernsteintage : sechs neue Geschichten by Maxim Biller Book 14 editions published between and in German and Undetermined and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Unter Verdacht: die eigene Verwandtschaft. Deutschbuch by Maxim Biller Book 12 editions published in in German and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Moralische Geschichten by Maxim Biller Book 7 editions published between and in German and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Die Tempojahre by Maxim Biller Book 12 editions published between and in German and Undetermined and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Mit einem Vorwort von Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht. Esra : Roman by Maxim Biller Book 13 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Mike H.


I have heard an animus from time to time. That unfortunately includes me also. Tempers are hard things to control. Sometimes I see comments here from both Germans and Americans that clearly don't reflect the mission of this site.

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Sometimes the comments are anything but constructive and we have taken a lot of heat over that. Some people are understandably angry and upset at the outrageous behavior of the German media, but some people clearly go too far and start bashing the entire country in an unfair way. It is important to keep things in perspective and not blame an entire country for the actions of a shrill elite.

We perfectly understand the frustration out there and we don't plan to shut down our comments section. In fact, it may take a lot of people getting angry and outright pissed off before anything really changes. On the other hand, it would help if people and you know who you are would refrain from the outrageous and sweeping comments that serve no real purpose but to widen the divide.

We recognize that nobody is perfect. We ourselves have made poor formulations at times. The key is that we try our best to achieve our mission. This is an ongoing process and we are all human.

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Thank you Mike for your honesty and the opportunity to talk about something we have struggled with for some time now on this site. Eure konstruktiven Ideen sind dabei willkommen. Dies vorausgesetzt, ist nichts falsch daran, die Unterschiede zu benennen und in einer konstruktiven Weise zu diskutieren. Es gibt zahlreiche hochprofessionelle, vergleichsweise unvoreingenommene Nachrichtenquellen von Berlin bis Bayern. Wenn das einigen Leuten unangenehm ist, sei's drum. Bis zu diesem Tag haben wir nicht die Absicht in dem, was wir tun, innezuhalten.

Welche Kommentare sind uns willkommen, und von welchen bitten wir abzusehen?


Welche Kommentare lehnen wir ab? Wir wollen und werden in unserem Blog kein permanentes "Co-Blogging" einzelner gegen unsere Blog-Philosophie erlauben. November 24, Permalink Comments 0. German traffic police were shocked to see a California Highway Patrol car cruising along the motorway, driven by a man dressed as an authentic American cop, authorities said on Thursday.

But they recovered sufficiently to book the year-old Goettingen resident, whose uniform badge read "T. The man told police he had been taking the year-old vehicle to Bavaria to sell it and wanted to impress the buyer. Update: Here is the original report of the German police including some pics. The "cop" carried a toy pump gun with him. His car with was equipped with U. The guy apparently looked so convincing that during interrogation by German police on an Autobahn parking lot several drivers stopped by to ask him and not the German police in civil clothes for directions.

I guess, the German drivers probably would have even taken orders from him After all, he wore a uniform. November 24, Permalink Comments 14 TrackBack 6. Germany isn't going to sent troops to fight insurgents in South Afghanistan and neighboring areas, but prefers to stay in the relatively quiet and safe north. The logic behind Germany's decision: in order to keep quiet and safe northern Afghanistan quiet and safe, German troops have to stay there. Merkel bars troop use in South Afghanistan.


Chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear Wednesday that Berlin did not plan to send troops to volatile southern Afghanistan. She argued that Germany was needed in the north to maintain stability and insisted there was no "purely military solution" to the country's problems. Most of Germany's 2, troops in Afghanistan serve in the relatively peaceful north. Before a Nov. The German military is fulfilling "an important and dangerous task" in the north, providing security and backing reconstruction, Merkel said in a speech to Parliament.

November 23, Permalink Comments 14 TrackBack 2. If you like this blog, we would be thankful for your nomination of our blog at the Weblog Awards. November 23, Permalink TrackBack 0. A must-read article on Iraq.


Check it out. And: Ted Koppel was on the mark you could say prophetic in his comments from December , recounted this past Sunday on "Meet the Press":. The simple fact of the matter is it is in America's national interest that there be stability in the Persian Gulf, and if we precipitously pull the troops out of that area now, there'll be hell to pay. On Iraq, Democrats are doing exactly that. They just cannot get past Vietnam. Someone might want to remind them of two important lessons of Vietnam they seem to have forgotten: 1 In the absence of U.

The irony is that only if Democrats have their way and U. And one final point: If US troops withdraw before that nation is stable, it will have also confirmed Osama bin Laden's hypothesis that Americans are a nation of casualty-sensitive paper tigers.

German Amok

Here is another interesting analysis by John Rosenthal of the Al-Masri case. Al-Masri, you may remember, is the poor Islamist chap who got caught on his way to Skopje , which he visited for vacation purposes, of all things. It the article brings the Masri saga up to date as compared to my earlier PJM article and finishes by posing some questions about what exactly Masri was doing when he left for Macedonia in Dec Read the whole article!

November 21, Permalink Comments 0 TrackBack 0. More here. Investigators have uncovered a plot to bomb a passenger plane in Germany this year using explosives that were to have been hidden in luggage, the federal prosecutor's office said on Monday. The individual agreed to help smuggle explosives concealed in a case or a bag on to a plane in return for payment, it added. But the plot broke down when the as yet unidentified suspects failed to reach agreement with the airport employee on the amount he would be paid to plant the luggage. Six suspects were arrested in Germany on Friday in connection with the plot, but five were released the following day.

A sixth person was kept in custody in connection with a different offence. All six suspects are being investigated for allegedly belonging to a terrorist organisation. Makes no sense to me. Attacking peace-minded Germany, of all countries? The world capital of nuanced diplomacy? The immigration haven for islamists? Just glad the legal rights of the accused were respected. All, with one exception, "were released the following day". Which means they had to endure a full night in a German prison. Well, that'll teach them a darn good lesson No more fooling around with Germany!

Update : OK, we can relax now. The terrorists planned to plant a bomb at Frankfurt airport in an El Al plane. Israel was the target. No harm to Germany intended. Now the whole story makes sense. It's just part of the "cycle of violence" in the Israel-Palestine conflict. I mean, the Palestinians and their Islamist supporters have to respond somehow to the ongoing presence of Israel in the region.

Apologies for keeping you a full night in a German prison, Arab friends! You may leave Germany any time at your own discretion. November 20, Permalink Comments 18 TrackBack 0. Many of the 37 troop-contributing countries serving with the 31,member force have refused to join the fight against Taliban and other insurgents in the south, leaving the task to Canadian, American, British and Dutch soldiers.

The French, German and Italian forces patrol relatively quiet sectors in the north under self-imposed limitations, known in NATO as "caveats," that keep them out of combat operations. Tim Grant, in charge of the 2, Canadian troops in Afghanistan, said that if the commander of the NATO-led force "had more flexibility in the deployment and the use of all the troops here, I think it would be better for everyone. He said national caveats are understandable, but ultimately divisive. At least members of the U.

At least 42 Canadians have been killed in the war, including 34 soldiers this year alone. Britain has lost at least 40 soldiers, while the Netherlands has had four deaths. German politicians prefer the referee job, you know. As to others doing the hard work, have a safe trip home!