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Changing mole - It's normal for a mole to grow at the same rate as a child. It's also natural for a child's moles to get darker or lighter. If a mole is growing or changing quickly, this can be worrisome.

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A mole can also be worrisome if a change causes the mole to look different from your child's other moles. Dermatologists call these moles "ugly ducklings. Bottom line: A dermatologist should examine any mole on your child's skin that is growing or changing quickly or looks different from the rest. Mole that is dome-shaped, has a jagged border, or contains different colors - If you see a raised, round growth on your child's skin that is pink, red, tan, or brown, it's likely a Spitz nevus.

This is a harmless mole that usually appears between 10 and 20 years of age. A child can also be born with this type of mole. Spitz nevus or melanoma?

This harmless mole A can look at lot like melanoma B. The raised surface can be smooth or rough.

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Sometimes, the surface breaks open and bleeds. While a Spitz nevus is harmless, it can look a lot like melanoma, the most-serious type of skin cancer. Melanoma can bleed, break open, or be dome-shaped. Both a Spitz nevus and a melanoma can have more than 1 color. Even when viewed under a microscope, this mole often resembles melanoma. Any spot that looks like those described to above, should be examined by a dermatologist.

In some cases, a dermatologist will want to remove it.

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If the spot isn't changing, however, a dermatologist may decide to watch it closely. Sometimes, these moles eventually disappear without treatment. Bottom line: If your child has a raised, dome-shaped growth or a mole that has a jagged border or different colors, a dermatologist should examine it. Bleeding mole - A raised mole can catch on something and become irritated. If a mole bleeds without reason, however, it should be checked.

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A mole that looks like an open sore is also worrisome. Bleeding or a break in the skin can be a sign of melanoma. Bottom line: If your child has a mole that starts to bleed or looks like an open sore, a dermatologist should examine the mole. Many moles - It's normal for a child or teenager to get new moles.

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By the time a child becomes an adult, it's common to have 12 to 20 moles. If your child already has plus moles, however, your child should be under a dermatologist's care. Some children who have lots of moles get melanoma early in life. An Australian study found that more than half of the 15 to year-old patients with melanoma had at least moles. The supervisor s of the intern are required to have a background check through GIS, within the last five years , which meets PIC standards.

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Any person, whether associated with a PIC program, research, service learning or an internship, who suspects child abuse or neglect must report this information to the Department of Child Services DCS , to their local law enforcement, or to the IU Police Department. A report of the suspected abuse or neglect must also be made to the Superintendent of Public Safety. The duty to report must be addressed in program-specific guidelines, and communicated to those who will be working directly with the intern. Seeking event approval Programs that are considered "large, discrete, occasional" must first receive approval from IU Public Safety.

To request approval for your program to be classifield as a "large, discrete, occasional" event you must: Indicate "yes" within the PIC registration form when asked if you would like your program considered as "large, discrete, occasional.

5 signs your child's mole needs to be checked

Explain which volunteers will be background checked, and why. Respond to any requests for additional information. IU Public Safety will respond indicating if your program qualifies or not. The policy requirements below must be followed: Volunteers must work in public places and not alone with children. Background-checked persons must supervise volunteers who have not received a background check.

Programs must compile the names and addresses of volunteers prior to the event and check the names against the Sex Offender Registry. Volunteers must present photo identification to be checked at the event. Acceptable forms include state-issued identification such as driver's licenses, and U. The IU-issued identification cards also meet this standard.