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Authorities said 15 people were arrested.

Please Help Us [Brazil] - #changebrazil

Mounted police were sent in to break up protests. The match was not disrupted by the protest and Brazil won in front of a crowd of 67, people. Protesters Vinicius de Assis, 21, said: "We are demanding more respect to the population.

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They are building these overpriced stadiums and are not worrying about the situation of their own people. Student Ana Leticia Ribeiro said: "I'm upset that all public money for construction, hospitals and schools is being used to build stadiums without any utility. After the World Cup, no one will use this.

Today, Fábio Moon And Gabriel Bá Aim To #ChangeBrazil

Others were simply outraged by the high ticket prices that many would not be able to afford. A government statement said: "Authorities will not allow any disturbance of public order or any threats against the match. It's guaranteed that fans have complete access to the stadium. In recent weeks there have been violent protests in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro as thousands of demonstrators complained of rising bus and subway fares. The Brazilian government said 54, security officers will help maintain law and order during the warm-up competition.

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  • Is the average Brazilian dumb enough to think this is for them? It's for the elites and tourists. I've read about the protests before but honestly?

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    While watching the matches I didn't even have time to think about them, I was too focused on the game itself. The riots regarding the world cup started just now even though Brazil was announced as host for the world cup in like lmao.

    What do you think?

    Wait, what? Isnt it also because of the confederacion cup that is being currently held in brasil? Here are the real reasons behind the bonfire that has united middle-class citizens in cities all over Brazil:. Protestors are also gathering in front of the new sports stadiums built for the World Cup and Olympic games, which will be held in cities across the country.

    People are literally dying while waiting to be seen, all while the government presides over one of the largest and most recently discovered oil fields in the world.


    The money from this oil is being used to build soccer stadiums and government buildings rather than healthcare, education and other basic services. Not only has the government traditionally been extremely corrupt, now they are attempting to pass a law that protects politicians from investigation or prosecution. Government officials steal millions from government projects, funnel money to family members and murder politicians and reporters who investigate corruption.

    The banks in Brazil would be known as loan sharks in the USA.

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    This is why a bottle of sunscreen in Brazil costs 15 USD. I was shocked when I arrived to the USA and found out that most of my friends were loaned money for their college degrees. There are no government programs for college aid. Some universities do have scholarships, but only about two hundred are given out which pales in comparison to the tens of thousands that take the exam! There are many other genuine reasons for people to protest in Brazil right now, but these are the main reasons why you see so many middle-class citizens and students protesting in the streets.

    With the Arab Spring, it was the self-immolation of a Tunesian street merchant. The bus fare hike was a small spark that woke up a nation of oppressed middle class citizens.

    Brazil is Beset by Protests. Could Buenos Aires and Argentina be Next?

    Please spread the changebrazil message and let the world know the truth behind recent protests in Brazil. Here is a video with shocking facts and more motives behind the protests. My Social News Strategy helps brands earn relevant social media followers, connect with target audience members, and build positive brand awareness online. This article originally appeared on Social Media Extension and has been republished with permission.

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